How We Do

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WeMax will provide an initial list of prospective partners (strategic and financial) that we would propose contacting as part of a process. We will work closely with the management to finalize the list – adding and removing companies as necessary, and reaching-out tactically to optimize the outcome.

As always, outreach to each company is personalized. Using our knowledge of each partner’s business strategy and using management’s market knowledge, we will tailor the positioning of to optimally appeal to each prospective partner.

Our Unique Methodology for Early Stage Startups

WeMax Innovation Capital unique methodology has four phases:

  • Selection Phase
  • Assessment Phase
  • Customer Discovery/Validation Phase
  • Growth Phase


Selection Phase:
Through our large network of investors, corporate executives, universities and governments, and incubators and accelerators, we identify high-tech high-growth companies that can benefit from our partnership to grow to their potential.  We require a workable prototype/demo in our selection phase.  The selected companies normally fall into the following criteria:

  1. Addressing a real and significant challenge
  2. Several years of industry experience with thorough understanding of their domain
  3. Have been involved with an academic research that they are attempting to commercialize
  4. Validated in local market and are looking for global expansion

Assessment Phase:
During assessment phase, our team sits with the founders and thoroughly review the business model and go-to market strategy by analyzing market, competition, product, revenue model and etc.  This assessment is to identify the gaps to prepare the company for the customer discovery and validation phase.

Customer Discovery/Validation Phase:
During this phase, we support founders to reach-out to potential customers for validation and finalizing the Minimal Viable Product that would be the first release/go-to market product.  The companies continue to remain in this phase and reinvent themselves until they successfully obtain a few paying customer.

Growth Phase:
Once there are a few paying customers, we support founders in defining the best strategy to scale the model, we advise the founders in potential strategic partnership, fund raising for rapid growth or further inroads into selling to larger corporations.

Process Timeline:
First six months we focus on helping company build investable story, business model, management team, marketing strategy, customer validation and money plan capable of closing investor funding


Global Reach:

Our operating philosophy is that in today’s globalized world there is no geographical bounders and the world is flat.  As specialists in cross-border activities, WeMax Innovation Capital has the global reach to collaborate with venture capitalists, investors and executives from global fortune companies to help entrepreneurs attain highest potential.